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Who's who again in Ian's Corner?

Ian's Corner bvba is controlled by the following board members:

Dr. Ir. Jan Vanhoof

Jan is Electrotechnical Engineer, specialised in micro-electronics, and holds a PhD in Applied Sciences. Lately, his interests are energy production and its consequences on the global envirnment and climate change. He is currently working towards an additional master degree in Nuclear Engineering.

On LinkedIn: Jan's LinkedIn page

Ir. Bob Vanhoof

Bob is Electrotechnical Engineer, specialised in micro-electronics and computer sciences, and is currently working hard to obtain a PhD in Applied Sciences. His main interests are extremely low power chip design in deep sub-micron technologies, especially SRAMs. Applications are medical implants and wearable IoT appliances. He's also an expert network designer.

Godelieve Lammens, Lic. TEW

Lieve holds a Master Degree in Applied Economics. Her current interests are Financial Education. She's also a teacher of Economics in a Secondary School, anda Lecturer at the KULeuven Teacher TrainingDepartment.
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