Welcome to Ian's Corner bv

We moved our violin workshop Lutherie Leuven from the city center of Leuven to Wijgmaal (Leuven).

We are also setting up a brandnew company in the nuclear sector Brigid.

Ian's Corner

engineering is our nature

Ian's Corner is a versatile engineering company, specialised in opening noval niche markets.

We like to do things a little bit differently.

We position ourselves in the mind of our customers, and image how they would like to be treated by our company. How we ourselves like to be treated as a customer. From there, we set out and start to work.

We like to be concrete. We don't just perform studies, deliver paper or give consultancy. We participate in our projects - all the time and all the way. Including financially.

We like to be versatile. We like to start something entirely new, from time to time. For a list of our projects, see projects.

We like to educate ourselves. We have a study project going on all the time.

Ever since our start in 2001, we have been financially independent. We re-invest our profits 100% into our ventures.